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Disclaimer: Do not assume that anything you read here is autobiographical (even if you are sure it is) unless you take the time to sit with me over a beer or whiskey and have an intimate conversation. Remember that while art deals with life, life is not necessarily art. And if you are too young, a student, or otherwise compromised then you must assume everything I write is an egregious lie. But if you are one who cares, and are concerned about the truth, and its transience, then you know what I drink and where I live.

An Adventure a Week (or so)

In these posts, I hope to avoid sounding like the scholar who growls from the growlery or vainly whistles among the pigeons whose crap has made the ivory tower so glaringly white. Instead, I intend this as a nod to Emerson’s idea that the scholar “is all”: someone who examines life and revels in the slop, the halting processes, and (hopefully) the occasional accomplishments of the mind (even when those accomplishments are either profoundly or playfully silly).

These posts will collect my efforts: the poems, short stories, paintings, and non-fiction I use to reflect upon my life and the works of those who continue to shape it. As you explore the ideas in these posts, I invite you to participate, suggesting topics, correcting mistakes, or adding to something I’ve begun. Overall, I hope to encourage a sense of community as we deeply (and playfully) explore myriad cultural phenomena and reflect upon what matters in life.

In Search of Small Gods: A Menu

The title of this series comes from a collection of poems by Jim Harrison. My aim is to write an account of one meal every so often for as long as possible. For example, I will begin with a description of breakfast, then I will consider lunch, and after that dinner. Once I complete the three meal cycle, I will begin again with breakfast. These descriptions will not be a gourmand’s observations because, unlike Jim Harrison, I am not one. Instead, they will be stories about the experience of the meal or those revolving in some way around it.


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